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Water Proofing Systems - To fix the cracks and leaks for ever

Ever since time immemorial, leakage has remained a problem to the builder. There are numerous reasons for this. Sometimes fault in construction and inferior quality of materials used can contribute to this problem. Even after the construction, effects of nature and various other reasons do contribute to leakage, which may arise right from the time of construction to ageing. The brittleness of the hardened mortar leaves gap in between, which can essentially be solved only if the hardened mortar remains flexible and elastic and this is exactly what waterproofing procedure performs. The concrete becomes elastic and flexible by applying water proofing chemicals.

Leakages do occur after construction too, which can be cured to a certain extent by forming an elastic membrane of the surface of the concrete. As the origin of leakage is difficult to be found, the whole surface area is to be coated with the waterproofing chemical and thereby chances is leakage is minimized. Different types of products are used to cure different types of leakages. We, at Span Marketing, are committed to help you in analyzing the problem and ascertaining the remedy . Do feel free to contact us and our trained field staff will be at your service.



World Class Construction Grade Acrylic Co-Polymer Latex

Zoriscott EWC

High Solid,Cold Applied,Acrylic Elastomeric Membrane Coating.

Scott - Proof Hi-Power Liquid

Improves workability and cohesiveness of the mix.

Krackseal Xl

Acrylic Latex chalking compound, highly flexible & durable.

Scott Proof Powder

For concreting, plastering works and all water retaining structures requiring protection from leakages, seepages and dampness.


Waterproofing Admixture with quick-setting

Scott Wall Putty

White Cement Based Polymer Putty


Ideal tile fixing adhesive for flooring tiles.

Scott Proof Sun Kool

Special heat reducing water proofing coating for roofs and wall

Scott - Proof Water Seal

Heavy Duty cold applied single component ready to use Acrylic Based polymer Water proof coating for roofs.

Scott - Proof Tank Seal

Ready to use, cold applied, two component hydraulically setting polymeric, flexible water proofing slurry coating

Scott - Proof 200

Multi-purpose liquid cement-waterproofing compound

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