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Unlike the conventional racking using materials like plywood etc, showrooms today are equipped with better display solutions which enable a better and attractive view of products, and makes your business more appealing. These display solutions are termed as visual merchandising, which is a booming business today. Every retail store need to display their merchandise such that it attracts attention of the possible customer. The display should focus on the consumer's wish to purchase goods and naturally, it should grab the attention, interest and desire of the customer.

At X-bit, we provide innovative solutions for product display. Vast experience in this sector has enabled us to prepare a wide range of exceptional showroom display solution systems for you. We are confident that X-bit will remain a one stop shop for all your showroom display requirements and that our products will help you to enhance your business.


Wall Hook

Shelf & Hanging

Shelf Bracket

Shelf Fixing Screw

Self Fixing Grid

L Leg With Grid

Socks Hooks

Leg Connector

T Leg With Grig

Shoe Tray

Leg Top Connector

Mid Floor

Super Market Racks L Tipe

Super Market Racks T Tipe

4 Way Browser

Round Hanging Stand

4 Side Hanging Stand

Side Face Hanging

SLAT WALL Accessories

Revolving 8 Prongs

J Hooks SS/MS

Acrylic FoodWere Stand

Round Pipe Clamp

Shelf Brackets

Wall Attachment


Plane Colors 8/4 : White,Black,Red,Blue Yellow,Green

Socks Hooks

Shelf Brackets


Square post System

ALM Channel System

Detached Square Post

SlimChannel System

Shelf Brackts

Ditached Post Bracket

Double Bracket

Ditached Post Wall Attachment

Bracket base

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